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Coming to a Quaker meeting

Reigate Quaker Meeting House

47 Reigate Road


Surrey RH2 0QT

Tel. 07913 764870

NOT for bookings

For Correspondence by email:

Sarah Freeman

Assistant Clerk:
Marion Baker

Bookings Clerk: 

John Manfield, 52 Carlton Green, Redhill  RH1 2DA  

email:  phone: 01737 762446

If you would like to talk to somebody about visiting any other meetings as ‘an enquirer’ call Friends House, Euston, London
FREEPHONE: 0808 109 1651

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If you live outside the West Weald area of Surrey and Sussex and would like to find your nearest meeting please click on this link - you can search by postcode:

You can find out more about the Quakers on the following sites:

"If fighting is inconsistent with an ideal society, then fighting will not bring the ideal society. A spiritual result is produced by spiritual means and a material result by material means. If war is evil, as almost everyone admits, then it can not be the right way to produce a good result.


Howard Brinton

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