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Coming to a Quaker meeting

Reigate Quaker Meeting House

47 Reigate Road


Surrey RH2 0QT

Tel. 07703 598815 or
01306 887738

NOT for bookings

For Correspondence contact:
Correspondence Clerk

1 Woodfield Way,
Redhill, Surrey

Sarah Freeman

Assistant Clerk:
Marion Baker

Bookings Clerk: 

John Manfield, 52 Carlton Green, Redhill  RH1 2DA  

email:  phone: 01737 762446

If you would like to talk to somebody about visiting any of our meetings as ‘an enquirer’ you can speak to somebody at Friends House, Euston, London by using our FREEPHONE NUMBER:
0808 109 1651

Queries and questions?....

If you have any queries or questions about Quakers and Quaker meetings, or would just like to have an email discussion, you are welcome to contact us via the following email:

Useful links....

If you live outside the West Weald area of Surrey and Sussex and would like to find your nearest meeting please click on this link - you can search by postcode:

They will be pleased to meet you.

You can find out more about the Quakers on the following sites:

"If fighting is inconsistent with an ideal society, then fighting will not bring the ideal society. A spiritual result is produced by spiritual means and a material result by material means. If war is evil, as almost everyone admits, then it can not be the right way to produce a good result.


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