Well, well. Who'd have thought that a bunch of Quakers in a sleepy little Surrey market town would be getting into blogging? The youngsters in the Meeting have set up a blogging facility and are encouraging us olds to get involved. To be quite honest I did worry a little  whether I'm going to be able to find many exciting things to communicate, and I suspect it's really not like ministering in Meeting - maybe I ought to have had some kind of plan before I  began to formulate this, rather than hope to be inspired as I go!

Anyway, as this is my first time and a bit of a test, here's a link to a great BBC news piece about a Quaker in the early days of fighting the slave trade. I do feel as Quakers that we spend way to much time on the past and not enough on the present and future. But more on that another day...

(Assuming this works) I give you the wonderful Benjamin Lay: 
The Quaker dwarf who fought slavery - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-42640782